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The problem with Ebola stories

It seems like most of the Ebola stories I’ve read recently have begun with some variation upon, “The Ebola strain that has now killed hundreds of Africans has now sickened several Americans so we should really start taking it seriously.” … Continue reading

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Just when I’m done with Keith Olbermann…

… he proves why I liked him in the first place. “Keith Olbermann Wonders Why the NFL Doesn’t Think Women Are Worthy of ‘Basic Human Respect’”

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But, life, what if you don’t like lemonade?

So, it’s been a rough six weeks here. There have been professional setbacks/layoffs. There has been a family emergency and some necessary, open-ended rescheduling of two major trips to which we were all looking forward. Also, I’ve been working. This … Continue reading

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500,000 Found Words

This week, I found roughly 500,000 lost words that I wrote over a 6 year period. Backstory: In 2007-2008, I had two catastrophic computer crashes on two separate machines. Shortly before my thesis was due to my adviser, my iBook … Continue reading

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Would You Have a Beer with Chris Christie?

All of this talk about Gov. Chris Christie misses the point — and the point isn’t what he weighs, how much he won by in New Jersey, how cooperative he was, or how mean he can be. The point is … Continue reading

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No knead green olive baguettes

This weekend I discovered that you can grind your own whole wheat flour at our grocery store. Combine that with last weekend’s discovery off the tastiness of these vegan no-knead baguettes and you can imagine how strangely yeasty and righteous … Continue reading

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Another site change. Sorry, folks

OK, last move ever, I hope. Please update your bookmarks and RSS feeders and whatnots: This entire show has moved to just plain old Same WordPress taste, fewer WordPress restrictions. Not that I really found WordPress that restrictive, but … Continue reading

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