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Quickly: Quick Bread #2/50

I had to take something for an informal lunch-time potluck. I wanted to bake because I’d had a bad day. I also didn’t want to pile on to the sweet-overload I knew awaited us all at this meeting (because everyone … Continue reading

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Quickly: Quick Bread #1/50

Having almost nothing to do with anything else that I usually write about, I was given (and enjoy) a Food magazine subscription two years ago. In every issue, there’s a little booklet that gives you 50 variations on some food … Continue reading

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So, I read The Skimm every day, and today they had this as the end note: #X: If someone texts you that, it’s not a typo, a drug reference, or something involving porn. It’s a hashtag PSA that people use via text … Continue reading

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Recipe of the Night: Sweet potatoes with roasted grapes, honey, and goat cheese

I think I found this recipe by searching for things to do with goat cheese. Goat cheese is one of those items that we buy in big logs whenever it’s on sale, or whenever a recipe calls for even a … Continue reading

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Battle For The Net

I’m all for Net Neutrality. We’re a fairly Internet reliant home, and we’ve been under the thumb of the least fair of the Internet players for years (hiya, Comcast). So I take this all kind of personally, with a heaping … Continue reading

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I tried the coffee nap, and the coffee nap won

Last week, I read this article that said “Scientists Agree: Coffee naps are better than coffee or naps alone.” At first I thought we’d again seen a new branch in the “two great tastes that should never, ever go together” vein, like … Continue reading

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The problem with Ebola stories

It seems like most of the Ebola stories I’ve read recently have begun with some variation upon, “The Ebola strain that has now killed hundreds of Africans has now sickened several Americans so we should really start taking it seriously.” … Continue reading

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