it’s research, i swear

Well, I come back from every meeting of my writer’s group with the feeling that I need to dig in on my novel, and I feel the same now. Of course this doesn’t mean that I’ve actually done anything on it today… but at least I feel recharged. I think I need a better ending than I have in mind right now. Well, I need an ending at all. Yikes. Anyway, I have recently seen two things that are really helping me with some of it: one, Wil Wheaton has recently been rejected (that’s almost the right word) for a part in a movie, and he’s talked about it in his blog. He’s also recounted some early auditions he did, including one before Francis Ford Coppola where he turned into a “huge fanboy.” I love that. I love the Internet for bringing things like this to me.
The second thing is the cast commentary that’s an extra feature on the Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Rings extended DVD. Just the little stories that the cast members tell and the ways they interact are very helpful in trying to imagine what it might be for a young actor on a big, powerful set. It’s some of the set up for Luke in my story, so I’m happy to have a bit of a real world point-of-reference. In addition, it’s nice to hear the younger actors talking about the older actors – Sean Astin, who plays Sam, says he was nervous whenever Christopher Lee was around, always afraid that he’d pronounce something wrong, and Orlando Bloom says that Ian McKellan and Christopher Lee are “in the history books.”

Of course, I’m also enjoying the extended version because it’s really a fascinating film. This is part of the wonder of DVD, I guess. There’s the opportunity to peek in on filming, something I enjoy.

I really love movies. I love going to movies, I love reading about movies, I love knowing the stories behind movies… I just love movies. One of the best parts of being in charge of things at the newspaper for me, starting in my third year when the managing editor for the arts section basically dropped out of doing any work, was reading and editing the movie reviews. Knowing what films were coming out, knowing what the buzz was, even watching and reading the scripted bits that actors and studios would release about the films… I found it fascinating.

My favorite way to watch a movie is alone, if it’s in the theatre. I can probably count on one hand – I can probably count with two fingers – the people I could go to a movie with and not worry about their reactions. I don’t mean this at all to say that I don’t like going to movies with friends – I do, I think it’s a fabulous outing – but there’s a difference for me between going out to see a movie with friends and going out to savor a movie. Alone, I savor movies – I get swept into stories and music, I buy characters whole, I leave the theater still caught in the world that’s presented. Videos have never done this for me. I am rarely tempted to fidget during a movie, but I can’t sit through a video without doing something else.

Maybe I should have studied film! 🙂 I just like storytelling, I think.

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4 Responses to it’s research, i swear

  1. starstraf says:

    we are probally going to see Dare Devil on the 15th… wanna join us?

  2. kepkanation says:

    Yay! sounds fun! I’m guessing, though, that I’ll be stuck working that evening… boo. I should find out details of my schedule Wed. evening – can I let you know tomorrow?

  3. starstraf says:

    we probally wont’ decide till day before and dosen’t come out till next weekend – we could probally be talked into mattenee if that works better

  4. kepkanation says:

    I just got my schedule today, and I’m scheduled to work 7 p.m. – midnight that Saturday. If you end up going to an early show, though, let me know? 🙂

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