i still haven’t seen “the godfather”

A little something interesting: The New York Times Readers’ Review: Most Highly Rated Films of All Time, “The Godfather: Part II” is the best. I have seen three of the top ten: No. 6 – “To Kill a Mockingbird,” No. 9 – “Whale Rider,” and No. 10 – “Mary Poppins.” The next highest film that I’ve seen is “Fellowship of the Ring” at No. 15, then “Pirates of the Caribbean” at 18 and “The Two Towers” at 20.

If you’re interested in viewing or voting, go here.

I spent most of the day in Kansas City with my step-sister, who is on bed rest until her baby arrives in either late October or November. Here’s the sucky part of bed rest: she has anywhere from 1 to 4 contractions an hour. Most are very mild, I guess. She’s not on strict bed rest, so we went out to lunch and then to Target and to Wal-Mart. Then we went back to her house and watched “Dr. Phil.” I HATE Dr. Phil. I think his methods are usually poor, and even when they aren’t, he’s trying to perform psychology on national television in one-hour shots. I think I also dislike him because of his cultish following and his strange holier-than-thouness, and his FAKE Texas accent. He’s from Kansas City and Topeka, damn him.

I did go to Spanish this morning (Day 20), where I had to give my oral presentation. It was great. My bag was super-lame, and included Sharpie-marker drawings of my dad’s cat and my fish, my mom, sister, and sister’s boyfriend, and the state of Kansas, all complemented by things cut out from the grocery store circular. I did make an entertaining presentation, though, and got many laughs, so all’s well that ends well, I guess.

Now, I’m going to watch more “24.” Has anyone seen the movie “Black and White”?

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