add to the movie list!

Also, how had I not heard about Luther until now? Joseph Fiennes and it’s feeding my Martin Luther miniobsession from last semester? Neat. Opening in Olathe, Leawood, and AMC Kansas City – Barrywoods this weekend. I might need to see this around all of the baby shower madness, somehow.

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2 Responses to add to the movie list!

  1. simplelyric says:

    I didn’t know until I saw a couple previews on TV this week. Joseph Fiennes does angst so incredibly well that I think I’ll have to see it just for him. *g*

  2. kepkanation says:

    Yeah, this movie seems to have come out of nowhere. It didn’t make my Movies I want to See list because still lists its U.S. release date as June 2004.

    I LOVE Joseph Fiennes. The year that Elizabeth and Shakespeare in Love came out, I cried that he wasn’t given an Oscar. The debate now is whether the film will eventually make its way to my town or whether I should suck it up and drive the 45 min-1 hour to see it in Olathe (leaning toward sucking it up).

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