tengo hambre

I have approximately twenty minutes to go before I can pick up my pizza, so the question is, how much trouble can I get into in twenty minutes?

The answer is not that much, unless you count all of the things I should be doing. These things include narrowing down law schools so I can get the rec letter forms to my recommenders and working on my letter to “Pepe,” the Colombian pen-pal I’ve invented for my next Spanish writing assignment. I could also be working on any number of other projects, but instead, I’m going to play some mahjong.

I finished Disc 4 of last season’s “24.” I want Kate Warner to become a permanent character, but I assume that’s not going to happen. I watched the Season 3 preview (from the “24” link off of ‘s TV page) and didn’t see her, so I assume she won’t be back–though I could be wrong. Can’t wait for season 3 to start – I’m going to be more conscientious about taping and watching this year, I will, I will.

Pizza. Want pizza. 18 minutes to go.

Did I mention that, in the Great CD Loss of July, I managed to misplace my Ben Folds Five CDs? VERY sad. I am also now experiencing some kind of KaZaA problem, so everything I’ve recently downloaded is corrupted. Suddenly, I’m worried it’s some kind of sign that I’m going to be sued. Last thing I wanted: Dashboard Confessional’s “Hands Down.” 96.5 is getting to me.

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One Response to tengo hambre

  1. casapazzo says:

    Really, you liked Kate? I found her a little dull – I would’ve liked to see a stronger woman paired off against Kiefer. Not strong, as in running around kicking ass necessarily, but Teri was a strong woman, and she was good for and with him.

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