oh, AND, if anyone out there has a thing for Godzilla, please read this:

Godzilla trivia requested

I am a professor of history currently writing a book on the impact of the
Japa-nese movie monster, Godzilla, on American life and culture.

In the 49 years since the first Godzilla film was released in Japan, this
giant ra-dioactive reptile has become a beloved icon around the world.
Although Hollywood’s computer-generated special effects now make Godzilla’s
production values — two actors in latex suits, wrestling amidst a toy
landscape of Tokyo — look quite primitive, the Godzilla films remain
en-dearing examples of science fiction escap-ism. I am interested in hearing
from your readers about their personal responses to Godzilla. When did you
see your first Godzilla movie? Do you own Godzilla collectibles? Why do
you think Godzilla has be-come such an enduring icon in America?

Please write to me at btsutsui@ku.edu or at Department of History,
University of Kansas, 1445 Jayhawk Blvd., Room 3001, Lawrence, Kansas 66045.

William M. Tsutsui
Associate professor of history
Lawrence, Kan.

. I know nothing about it but I’m trying to be helpful – and I got this from a newspaper, it wasn’t a personal e-mail or anything.

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