speaking of shoes

It’s official: I’m avoiding calling the Match guy back. Sigh. We talked Monday night, and he said he’d be busy Tuesday and Wednesday (and I thought, whew, two nights off) and then he called last night anyway. I didn’t answer. And now he called again tonight, and I didn’t answer. I think I haven’t given him a fair chance, and yet… I sort of don’t want to give him a fair chance. Ah, well. This just means I’ll have to find a way to talk to him tomorrow instead of tonight.

Tomorrow afternoon, I’m going to Kansas City to see “Lost in Translation” with my friend Sara. This is exciting!!! Movie!!! I’m looking forward to it (can you tell?). I think my next AMC viewing choice may be “Thirteen,” which I’ve read very positive things about. I’m looking forward to seeing “Bend it Like Beckham” on campus soon (let’s hear it for the SUA movie card).

Today was, all-in-all, not bad. I went to Spanish (let’s restart the count: This is Day 3 of uninterrupted attendance) and got there on time and everything. We’re working on the preterite and Indirect and Direct Objects, both of which I am OK with. I then went to Rocks for Jocks and read The Return of the King throughout class while enjoying a snack of oyster crackers and water. After that, a brief pause to read more ROTK, and then off to lunch at La Familia with . Though the service was terrible, the food and conversation were good.

Then, on the way back, mentioned she was getting tickets for some plays and looking for someone to go along, so I’m now going to see “A Little Night Music,” which I love, and “Lulu,” which sounds very good.

Next, to work, where I worked my way through all of the newspaper clips, attended a brief “meeting” where we watched the commercials they’re planning to run during nationally-televised basketball games in the spring, and – woo-hoo! – went for free tea and cookies with the two other students. I’ve found that I’m enjoying work even more now that the other two and I get along so well. Today we had Chinese Temple of Heaven tea (I think I’m getting that right), which was not bad, but very strong – like a strong green tea, almost. The other two students work for a different person in the office than I do, and I thank my lucky stars that I have the boss I have. She’s great, she’s the best person to work for in the whole place; everyone agrees. I might have quit by now if I were in the others’ shoes.

Speaking of shoes, that was one of the rough parts of today. I was trying to break in a new pair of boots, and that didn’t go so well. My poor feet feel a little beaten up, possibly because I misunderstood the route of my final bus and ended up walking the long way to my car. I feel like I should map out my days somewhere, just for fun. Maybe I’ll do that while I watch E.R.

Once I got home, I played a stupid computer game for a while, then took a look at the new online layout of my old baby. I also doled out some (possibly trite and useless) advice – on request – to the new editor.

OH! Young Al Gore is on “The War Room.” Love him. Have always loved him. I hope he gets his TV station.

I owe responses on the comments of my professor yesterday, and I will get to it, I swear.

How much would I have loved to go to this? How did I miss it every year I lived there. Wally Lamb! Sue Monk Kidd! Even Michael Connelly would have been interesting… and Paige Davis, heh!

And just for kicks…

CNN’s Tucker Carlson mad about no-call flap
Washington — Conservative CNN commentator Tucker Carlson’s humor backfired on him — and his wife.
While defending telemarketers during a segment on “Crossfire” last week, the bow-tied co-host was asked for his home phone number. Carlson gave out a number, but it was for the Washington bureau of Fox News, CNN’s bitter rival.
The bureau was deluged with calls. To get back at him, Fox posted Carlson’s unlisted home number on its Web site. After his wife was inundated with obscene calls, Carlson went to the Fox News bureau to complain. He was told the number would be taken off the Web site if he apologized on the air. He did, but that didn’t end the anger.
In an interview with The Washington Post, Carlson called Fox News “a mean, sick group of people.”

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One Response to speaking of shoes

  1. starstraf says:

    you didnt’ happen to tape that ER did you? I messed up.

    Don’t forget to hit the library sale!

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