Chase Davis makes his entrance

OK, kids, I’m probably only hours away from becoming an evil step-aunt, or something. Actually, I kind of want to be the cool aunt, so I’ll have to work against my normally evil nature for that (or at least teach the kid to like sarcasm very early on). Dad called at 10:15 to say that he and my step-mom are enroute to KC because my step-sister is having the baby. I think, as soon as I finish my lovely lunch of roast beef and carrots, I will head toward KC myself. That way there will be some representative of family on hand in case the kid decides to show up early and quickly. I can’t get a hold of my sister (surprise, surprise) to see if she wants to come along, so… it’s going to be just me, my spanish homework, and whomever else is hanging out in the waiting room at Shawnee Mission Med.

Woo-hoo! I’m excited in spite of myself.

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