many other non-sensical utterances

All right. Can someone, anyone, talk me out of getting an 80 hour TiVo unit for $199 (no tax, no shipping)? I can’t. There’s an additional $12.95 subscription per month. It’s just… I so want TiVo. Want want want.

I’m watching “24,” and I’ve just realized that I’ve somehow seen the 7 a.m. – 8 a.m. episode before. I can’t figure this out. How have I seen it? Maybe I just saw the beginning? What the fuck, I feel like I saw this as part of the shows last season. Was there a scene last season where Jack and Sherry were in a car together and Jack’s seatbelt was stuck? Hmmm.

So, anyway, I’m now watching the end of season 2, and I’ve very much enjoyed it. Well, I’ve enjoyed all of it but Kim. How I wish her character had been left out of almost all of it. I can see why she needs to exist – to humanize him, to make him less of a heartless operator – but she gets annoying. It comes down to a contest of how many bad luck situations she can be involved in during one 12-hour stretch, and it just gets ridiculous. I appreciated the, I think it was 5-6 a.m. episode, where there was no Kim sideplot. Sadly, I know that she’s going to again figure in to the drama of next season – I sort of hope that there’s something for her to do.

I’d also like to see Kate return, and I’d like to see her become some kind of agent or operative for CTU or CIA. I know, I know, , you have your reservations – but I think she started to show a little strength in realizing that her sister is a psycho bitch from hell in the last episode. Also, I have faith that she’s smarter than she acted through most of the season, and when her family isn’t involved she’ll be tougher and smarter and less fall-on-the-floor-and-cryish. I hope? I hope. I’d like Jack to have some fun.

Keifer Sutherland is hot, and he’s not someone I really thought I’d say that about until this show started. This is maybe because my previous experience with him has been “A Few Good Men,” where he’s evil, and… wow, that’s the only KS movie I can think of. A review of his filmography shows me why. The last movie I saw with Keifer in it was “A Time To Kill,” in which I believe he was a bad guy. Before that, there was “The Three Musketeers” and “Young Guns” and “Young Guns II.” Those are the only Keifer Sutherland movies I’ve seen, and I don’t believe I’m going to start a Keiferfest or anything, because there’s not that much else that sounds interesting. New season of “24” starts Oct. 28!!!

And Tony Almeida rocks. “Well, it’s like this. Either fire me, or get out of my chair.” INDEED.

Also today (around the 8 hours of “24” that I’ve watched), I baked some apple crisp and made a roast. I also decided on four schools that I absolutely will apply to for law school, but I didn’t get much further on choosing the rest or re-starting the applications. Bah. Yargh. And many other non-sensical utterances.

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2 Responses to many other non-sensical utterances

  1. starstraf says:

    monthly subscription is only $12.95 a month?
    Dang – now you have to talk me out of it also!

    I agree about Kim, but some folks have hinted her character will be better in season 3

    He’s quite yummy in The Lost Boys

  2. kepkanation says:

    TiVo direct from – $249 minus $50 rebate for the unit, either a brand new 40-hr thing or a factory refurbished 80 hr unit, with free shipping and no tax, and then the subscription is either $12.95/month or $299 for a lifetime subscription. I am definitely having trouble not buying it.

    I figure Kim on “24” has nowhere to go but up in Season 3, though the preview at makes it look like she will again be a little bit of drag-along baggage.

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