chamber of blah

Hm, so. Just home for a nice break between two crappy classes (Spanish, which I went to, and Western Civilization 2) and another crappy class (Geology Lab) and English. Tomorrow I will NOT be going to Spanish class in the morning – because we don’t HAVE class – but I will be going to the Spanish midterm in the evening. Bleh. I can’t really tell if I’m ready for it or not, which probably means I’m not.

I am a little sad to see this this morning. They’re going to cut Goblet of Fire to fit into one feature-length movie? Wow, can’t wait to see what happens with Order of the Phoenix. Actually, I watched half of Chamber of Secrets last night. I was struck by the same little problems that usually bother me with that movie (problems that have bothered me since I bought it on DVD – I actually loved the movie when I saw it in the theater, in part, I think, because it was so feel-good, and also because I’d been away from the books for so long at that point that the movie brought all of the fun of the books back to me). The kids are just kids, after all, but they really aren’t the best actors, are they? Particularly when they’re set next to a cast of truly amazing actors – Alan Rickman, Kenneth Brannagh, Maggie Smith, etc. Sadly, I sort of think that Daniel Radcliffe is the weakest link in the movie, though I still think he’s adorable – most of the time. I made the mistake of reading two behind-the-scenes articles about Prisoner of Azkaban a while ago, and I am somehow incredibly annoyed by the fact that he keeps insisting he’s listening to The Sex Pistols to get ready for the third movie. This is mostly because I don’t believe that he is, but oh well. I need to quit learning too much about the real people behind movies – I should have learned my lesson with Rob Lowe!

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4 Responses to chamber of blah

  1. casapazzo says:

    The trick will be to see if they know where to cut and what to keep. I firmly maintain that if you can make a good 2 1/2 hour movie out of “Fellowship,” a book that mainly involves a lot of talking and walking, it should be possible to do likewise for any other book.
    It does also have the additional benefit of relieving some of the pressure of the actors outstripping the characters in age. Though I do understand your apprehension about them being able to clip the plot well.

    Weakest child actor? dude, my vote so goes to Tom Felton – though it may really be more the fault of the director for not coaching him better.
    *enter* *pause* read line *sneer* *pause* *stomp off*

  2. therealjae says:

    Yes, exactly — just say no to learning about the people behind the people. It works for me.


  3. kepkanation says:

    OK, you may have a point with Felton. I think I’m not being completely fair to Daniel Radcliffe, anyway. I mean, Malfoy is one of the most unredeemable characters ever written, IMHO, so the range of acting required from him is at least very narrow. Of the well-rounded characters, I think DR seems the weakest, but the most is demanded of him, too.

    I will say they did all develop well between CoS and SS, at least, so I’m sure things will continue to get better.

    And… yeah, the comparison between LOTR and HP rings true in that you should be able to make a good feature-length movie out of almost anything, and I started to ramble about that and I’ve now turned it into a whole new post. heehee.

  4. kepkanation says:

    just say no to learning about the people behind the people

    I think you know where part of that habit came from/developed for me. 😉

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