10/28 here I come!

It’s official: October 28 will be a day of Little to No Productivity for me. First, it’s the Debut of Season Three of “24.” Second, Maxis is releasing a MAGIC version of the Sims, where you can create little Harry Potteresque families and do magic tricks and visit a magic carnival. Woo! If BestBuy puts it on sale the first day it’s out, I will want it very much.

I finished my Spanish Midterm (it wasn’t too bad) and am now enjoying leftover roast and potatoes. Mmm. Also, I’m apparently watching Navy NCIS while I wait for a new episode of Nip/Tuck at 9 on FX. Mm, Julian McMahon.

I might also play some Sims.

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One Response to 10/28 here I come!

  1. starstraf says:

    I keep getting frustrated with Sims, I need to re-read the manual again

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