just another day

Executive decision #961: I will not be taking my Geology test tomorrow. There are many reasons for this, but the big reason is that I don’t have to. We get to drop our lowest test score, and as I did about 20 percent better on the last test than I should have, I feel no need to exclude it from the final grade party. Therefore, this test, which I thought was on Thursday until about 8:30 p.m. or so, will no longer be a worry. Yay.

I just finished Clearly Canadian #2 of the two purchased yesterday. I may need to buy more tomorrow.

The quick : I went to Spanish, I went to Western Civ2. Then I went to the cafeteria and ate lunch. Ohh, the college cafeteria; how I love thee. I’m not kidding. I’m a big fan of college cafeterias, particularly when you can be in them and be anonymous. Some of my better summer camp memories include time spent reading and enjoying various institutional pastas and cereals in cafeterias. Today I tried the spaghetti (not good at all) and settled on my new food obsession, egg salad. The egg salad here consists only of egg and mayonaise, as far as I can tell; it’s great. I also read more of What About Garp.

After lunch, I went to Geology Lab. It was as specatacularly painful as ever, which I should have guessed when TA Tim said, “This is one of the most fun labs of the semester, to me.” Apparently Tim is a big fan of the fossils, folks. After Geology (got out early), I made reservations for two campus visits: University of Iowa Law on 10/23 and University of Illinois Law on 10/24. This will be my fall break. Yay! Details on that later. Then work, where I had too much to do in too little time, but my boss remains fantastic and understanding. After work, I went to McDonald’s for another fish sandwich and ate this while looking for parking on campus so that at 5:45 I could take my Western Civ2 midterm. It was ridiculously easy, particularly considering I read none of the assignments for this term and have spent the class periods doing anything but paying attention. Luckily, I am familiar with most of the people we’re discussing.

I did start to read the end of Everything is Illuminated in Valk’s class today. I think I may have sold it short by calling it the ultimate crack lit. There’s definitely some beauty in it. I’d like to put in an excerpt but it wouldn’t make sense, it would lose some of its beauty, out of context. I may have to read this again. Hm.

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2 Responses to just another day

  1. drenilop says:

    Wait… is this Jenn K my SOPHOMORE year roomie?? My gosh crazy people you find on here… Cazpazzo was my FRESHMAN yr roomie… I’m SOOO freaking confused (wait, if this really IS one of my old roomies that shouldn’t be a surprise, lol)… 🙂 Anyway, drop me an IM (leanneCP) or email (lpowner at umich.edu) and say hello!

  2. kepkanation says:

    Hey, it *is* me! I’ll e-mail you in a sec.

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