suddenly i don’t like the epilogue

Frustration first: I still can’t seem to burn more than one track per CD. This is, of course, the first month that my computer *hasn’t* been covered by warranty (though really I think the problem started just before the warranty expired – it was sending up warning signals, I guess). I’ve done all of the troubleshooting things for it – dragmented my hard drive last night, checked on the drivers and even downloaded a new patch from the manufacturer, and… nothing. It just sucks.

Also: no new E.R., but that might be a good thing. And I should be cleaning my apartment, but I gave up halfway through the living room.

Good news: Went to Wal-Mart, which was actually enjoyable. If only their “Pastor Appreciation Day” cards had been $.99, I would have bought one and sent it to Doug. I am the Queen of the random card, or at least I aspire to be. I also bought the old Harry Potter game for $10.

Also today, on my way from the health center to work, I ran into my Spanish buddy and she wanted to chat . We agreed that the instructor has been a little hard on one of the women in our class – she’s an older student (older than me), and we think she may be a grad student in French. She’s married and has a 1-year-old son, and Monday she had to bring her son to class — he was sick and the daycare wouldn’t take him, and Danielle is *very* conscientious about missing class. She asked if it was OK and Lisa said it would be fine, as long as he wouldn’t become a distraction (which he really wasn’t – if anything, he was sort of a welcome addition). Ours is a pretty informal class, so this wasn’t a big deal — or didn’t seem like one. Apparently, Lisa (the instructor) asked Danielle to stay after class on Tuesday (I didn’t hear this) and then, within earshot of my Spanish buddy and everyone else still in the classroom, told her that bringing her son had been very inappropriate and inconsiderate, and (still according to Spanish buddy), she rudely told her that she needed to have more consideration for her classmates.

This is not the end. Today in class, Danielle’s cell phone rang. I thought, as did my Spanish buddy, that this was OK, because we know her son is sick. As if to confirm this, she apologized, said her son was sick, and left the room to talk on the phone. I think she may have left two times during class. Well, after class, before anyone had left, Lisa asked Danielle to stay after again – and then with the classroom still full, she proceeded to lecture her about having consideration for her classmates again. Danieele said, “I can’t talk to you about this now. I’ll talk to you later” and rushed out.

With the background of Tuesday’s discussion, this makes more sense to me (though I also think Danielle has a class right after our Spanish class and probably was also in a hurry to leave for this reason). I do feel that Lisa is being somewhat unfair, mostly in that I think she feels she’s teetering on the edge of losing control of the class in some way and has decided to take it out mostly on Danielle. And now, having said this, I feel better – because there’s really not much else I can do.

In other news, it’s cold and raining. Also, I finished The World According to Garp. It’s got to be a sign of the change in my mindset that I actually found the epilogue that ties everything up sort of disappointing. I think I would have preferred the jagged ending. It may be all the 96.5 I’m listening to. Heh. It occurs to me that if I do NaNoWriMo this year, it will be interesting to see the differences between 50K words written under the influence of sugary pop and 50K words written while listening to “Hoobastank Fan Radio.”

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2 Responses to suddenly i don’t like the epilogue

  1. webcowgirl says:

    Your instructor needs to get a grip. Sometimes teachers think they are in some kind of holy of holies and not in the real world. Your fellow student (Danielle)’s behavior was completely appropriate for an office – you do what you can but you need to accomodate real life. And this behavior is pretty much appropriate for all social settings, although one should set one’s phone to “vibrate” in most of them.

    Your teacher sounds like the kind of person who thinks her little ivory tower is going to come crashing around on her if she acts like a human being instead of a fascist robot. I was tempted to figure out who she is and call her and lecture her about how incredibly inappropriate and unprofessional HER behavior was. She should absolutely not be berating students in front of other students, and she should understand that parental duties supercede scholarly duties ALWAYS. (What the f*** does she think she’s doing in that class, conducting open heart surgery?) I would report her behavior to whoever her supervisor is.

  2. kepkanation says:

    (What the f*** does she think she’s doing in that class, conducting open heart surgery?)

    I think, actually, that she’s just quite intimidated by the class – I think she was expecting to be teaching mostly freshmen and ended up with a class that’s mostly within striking range of her own status at the university (I believe she’s in her second year of graduate study, and I think she’s 22, which makes her younger than at least 3-4 of the people in our 15 person class). In a way, though, I think most professors fall into that “What I’m teaching is THE MOST IMPORTANT thing you’ll ever learn!” trap far too often.

    At least she settled back down for Friday and today.

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