it’s the jennupdate

All right, update.

I am currently:
** skipping English class and work thanks to the Killer Cold, which told me in no uncertain terms during my Geology Lab that we did *not* belong on a campus full of people. I have that just lovely head-so-stuffed-up-I’m-a-bit-floaty feeling going on, but I had to leave each of my three classes this morning to attend to the drippy nose problem. Therefore, I am home.

** enjoying a Tour De France from Juice Stop. Mmm. I think it’s Apple, Banana, Blueberry, Sherbet and non-fat Frozen Yogurt. Possibly there’s raspberry involved. Possibly the blueberry is on my shirt. Damn.

** completely unable to answer the question of whether I liked U of Iowa or U of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign better. There were things I liked about both. I liked the tour at UIUC better, because it was led by a casually dressed 3rd year guy instead of the over-made-up 1st year who led us around at Iowa. Also, the guy said first thing that he didn’t believe in giving the admission spiel and instead just wanted to answer our questions as best he could, whereas the girl kept saying things like, “I don’t really know, but what they’ve told us is -” The campuses were both impressive. UIUC in particular seemed enormous, possibly because their campus plan seems to be this:

1). Build huge, impressive building.
2). Build nothing else on the same block with this building.
3). Move to next block. Build huge, impressive building.

and so on. the assembly hall looked like a UFO preparing for takeoff. The U of I hospital was monstrous – this is, incidentally, the hospital that my grandmother was flown to in the late 80s to have her eye treated, so my dad has interesting memories of U of I. He was impressed by their eye ward.

I did tour the University of Missouri-Columbia campus and law school with my aunt. I’m made more and more aware of the fact that I never looked at KU as a stranger to the campus. I had been around this town too many times before I was a senior in high school to ever look at KU in surprise. It makes it hard to draw parallels between my first impressions of other schools. Whereas, with AU, my first impression was a pretty good sign of how I’d later feel, so I can’t use it as much of a measure, either. Hmmm.

** going to go huddle under a blanket with Good Omens. What shall I say for the book so far: The footnotes are fabulous.

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9 Responses to it’s the jennupdate

  1. starstraf says:

    UIUC has sushi and sushi buddies

  2. gotmce99 says:

    The question about Iowa vs. Illinois really seems to be, to me, hills or no hills? I love Champaign and U of I, so I think that’s my vote. Oh – and one of my aunt’s has her name on a bronze tablet there for her 4.0. When we were kids, Grandma would take us to look at it (all of her kids went to U of I) and my dad would just whine and tease and act exactly like the younger brother whose sister is getting all the credit. It’s still fun to tease Aunt Maura.

    Glad you had a good time,


  3. simplelyric says:

    What shall I say for the book so far: The footnotes are fabulous.

    LOL. Well, I hope you end up enjoying it as a whole. I’d hate to have led you astray.

  4. kepkanation says:

    Well, I hope you end up enjoying it as a whole. I’d hate to have led you astray

    So far, so good! I’ve got 100 pages to go, but I’m enjoying it so far.

  5. simplelyric says:

    Glad to hear it. =)

  6. kepkanation says:

    The question about Iowa vs. Illinois really seems to be, to me, hills or no hills?

    Oo, you know, that’s not a bad way of thinking of it. Really, I have an unfairly beautiful view of both campuses as we arrived just in time to see all of the leaves turning, so I think everything was lovely in both places.

  7. kepkanation says:

    UIUC has sushi and sushi buddies

    The importance of which cannot be underestimated, you’re right.

  8. kepkanation says:

    I’ll just reply here because, eh, who knows why, but I did really like Good Omens. Of course Crowley and, crap, I’m going to spell his name wrong, Aziraphale were my favorite characters (though everyone else comes in a close second). I’m reading American Gods now and it’s been a bit of a shock to the system so far. It’s sort of… difficult? Is that the right word? We’ll have to talk about it once I’m through it.

  9. simplelyric says:

    I did really like Good Omens.

    Good to know. And I’m in agreement on everything else you said. =)

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