Sweet, I bought an MP3 player. I hope that wasn’t a mistake. It was roughly $35 with shipping and it’s a 64MB player, upgradeable to 128MB. It’s supposed to be easy to use and pretty good on battery strength, so… please welcome me to the 21st century. I will happily load it with “Hands Down” and “Meant to Live” and the other 96.5-esque songs that are dominating my playlists as soon as it arrives.

I went to Spanish this morning (no quiz! Gah. Everything keeps getting moved around) feeling as though I’d been hit by a truck – a semi-truck, even, carrying Cold and Cough germs. I went home shortly after class, skipping Geology fun, and thought how will I ever survive having to work this afternoon? Well, I’ve drugged up significantly since then and spent a lot of time just sitting and enjoying OJ, and I feel better able to tackle working. The fact that I confused my iron pill for an allergy pill this morning has been corrected, too, so I am feeling a bit more peppy. Thanks to for understanding and allowing for a delay in lunch – I can’t really taste anything right now so the sushi lunch would have been lost on me.

I also listened to part of Bush’s press conference, so I’m feeling rather, oh, steamed up? Angry? Appalled? Frightened? the general feelings I get from listening to that moron try and communicate, I guess. At least the questions were much tougher this time. MORON! Gah. “That’s a trick question so I’m not going to answer it.” It’s disheartening that I even miss the circular answers of the previous two administrations.

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