It’s Nov. 4, which is election day in some parts of the world. One of my friends is currently running for a city council or city commission seat near Cleveland, and I hope he does well. Woo-hoo! Good luck, Kev-o.

I, however, have not done splendidly so far today. Though I think I did all right on the spanish quiz (apart from the fact that I mixed up my words and may have suggested the doctor give Ricardo something obscene for his sore throat), I’m pretty sure my geology test will be very, very low. I apparently “studied” mostly the wrong things and wrong chapters. I focused on the Geologic time units and scales and stuff, and I guess I should have been reading up on plate techtonics. Let’s hear it for uneducated guessing and multiple choice tests. Tomorrow I have a Geo lab test that promises to be even better.

At least it’s almost time for lunch… Indian buffet with . Yay! And my MP3 player has been a good friend so far – today’s playlist is a mix of Ben Folds Five favorites (Boxing, Jackson Cannery, Kate, Battle of Who Could Care Less), Guster (Center of Attention, Two Points for Honesty), and Jack Johnson (Mudfootball, Bubbletoes), among others. It’s peppy and fabulous against the gray weather here.

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