let’s hear it for McDonald’s

Joan Kroc donated a surprise $200M to NPR. They were apparently so stunned by the donation – which is almost twice their normal annual operating budget – that they had no idea what would be done with it. That’s fantastic.

Does anyone remember, is Joan Kroc the woman who was the “angel” of some town that was ravaged by floods? Or am I pulling that out of fiction? I just remember reading something about how a small town recieved all of this anonymous money from someone to help rebuild itself after a disaster, and then some newspaper or radio show announced that it was (Joan Kroc). At the time, I think people were sort of upset – not that she’d helped but that her anonymity had been taken away, as she’d wanted to do it without press attention. Really, though, I can’t remember if I read that somewhere or what.

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2 Responses to let’s hear it for McDonald’s

  1. starstraf says:

    That is AWSOME!!!!!!!!!

  2. kepkanation says:

    I know! What’s not to love about NPR?

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