only 9:35!!!

I am some how getting into the habit of using the Internet for learning – or at least for the indulgement of the random trivia part of my mind. Friday night, I wanted to know more about Bobby Fisher, so I found went In Search of h im (pun and movie title theft obviously intended). Wow, he’s gone nuts, hasn’t he? Seriously, why hasn’t anyone tried to medicate him?

I also watched some PBS today. I can hardly believe it myself, but there was a lovely special on Prince William (I wonder if it’s coincidentally running at the same time as all of the Charles “scandal” rumors (the closest thing to a full story on it is here, as British media is banned from printing anything due to libel law, which should probably be a good indication of how credible the story is) or if PBS actually decided to re-run it to get in on the action?). Obviously, there was no talk of Charles’s alleged involvement with his male servant on the PBS special. And it definitely beat watching the NBC (I think) special on Britney Spears.

Obviously, I have been putting off my English essay all day. I think I may do it for a bit longer now, and go take a bath instead of doing actual work. It’s only 9:35, after all!

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