return of the fun

I think I may have just alarmed some of the people working in the bookstore, as I apparently exclaimed “Crack!” a little too loudly while walking by in the union. The reason for the exclamation is a long ramble on the precise reason that I defy anyone to plan out their time perfectly. It’s always this kind of crap that comes up and messes with everything.

This weekend, while talking to my father about my car problem, he said, sort of off-handedly, that my step-brother’s car (which had roughyl 3.5 billion, or maybe 360,000 miles on it) had blown up in Milwaukee or wherever it is that he lives. He wants to buy a different one (obviously), and he was looking at the place in Salina where Dad buys all of his cars (they’ve bought 8 through there, now). Dad wanted to know if I could “help them out” in getting Jett (that’s my step-brother) from KC (where he could fly into) to Salina sometime this week. I said we could probably work something out, as long as it was an evening. Now, when I said this, I was thinking two things. 1). It will be midweek at earliest. 2). Jett will probably not come, anyway. My thought with #2 was that Jett would realize, perhaps, the absurdity of flying from Wisconsin to Kansas to buy a car, and also that Dad saying he was looking in Salina (online) was mostly wishful thinking. Dad often converts wishful thinking into fact, so this wouldn’t have surprised me.

So, anyway, today, I’m walking to the union, debating whether or not to go to my Geology lab (not), and I notice I have a new voice mail. It’s my step-mother. The message is: “Hi, Jenn. Jett’s flight gets in at 6:26. Hope that’s OK. I hope hope hope. Give me a call.”

I called. The message was correct. He’s coming in tonight. I said, “Well, OK. Yeah, that can work.” Because, really, what choice do I have? ALSO, in a stroke of brilliance that I haven’t seen since August, when we went through all of this before, she doesn’t know his flight number, the airline he’s on, or anything. Apparently no one understands that KC International is more than one terminal building but me. I’m waiting for the call back on that one.

So, yep, tonight. If we manage to get out of the KC airport at 7, we’ll make it to Salina at roughly 10; I will then need to turn around and go back to Lawrence immediately, arriving here at approximately midnight if I not only don’t stop but simply shove Jett out of my moving car in Salina and turn around.

I am considering staying over at Dad’s, but this would mean missing Spanish (because I know that me leaving there at 5:30 a.m. would not lead to safe driving). I have reached my maximum absence allowance, so this would dock 1 percentage point from my final grade (though as it stands, I don’t think I’m going to be borderline anything). Blah. I think what it will come down to is how tired I am when I hit Salina. Six hours of driving is certainly doable… but also, it’s raining/misting. And let’s hope my car is actually fixed from its weekend adventures. Grr.

How do people who plan for things make it through?

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2 Responses to return of the fun

  1. therealjae says:

    Dad wanted to know if I could “help them out” in getting Jett (that’s my step-brother) from KC (where he could fly into) to Salina sometime this week.

    This is the step in which you would have had the upper hand if you were a planner. You would have consulted your daytimer, realized that you just *couldn’t* do this, not *this* week, where you have such a full *schedule*, and said no.

    Don’t let the bastards get you down, and other cliches.


  2. kepkanation says:

    ooohhhh, even the idea of a daytimer makes me shake. I am not meant to schedule.

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