events for next week

I’m excited to learn that there is one cheap and two free events by the school of music next week that I want to attend. First, the cheap: The Wind Ensemble, who I went to see last month, is performing Sunday night ($5 for students). I love band music! I think I may sit in the balcony this time, though. Second, the KU Percussion ensemble will be performing Wednesday night for FREE at the Lied Center. I’ve been thinking for a while that I really would like to see a good percussion show, so maybe this will be my chance. Third, the Tuba and Euphonium ensemble is giving a free concert Monday night. As an old euphonium player, I’m very tempted to go – the only thing keeping me from attending is the fact that I went to high school with one of the players here (he was 1st chair, I was 2nd), and I don’t particularly want to run into him. Still, I’m a master at the quick duck-out. I think I will go. Free! Free free free, I love free.

I have lunch today with my sister and then probably more work (where I am now) and English class. Then I’m going home to read Sense and Sensibility, which I ran out and bought last night.

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