And just for laughs, over at NationStates today, the Holy Empire of GeorgeDubya (motto: “Y’all ain’t aloud to have nukular wepins, only we are”) is ranked #2 in the world for Stupidest Citizens. My left-leaning college state, the Grand Duchy of Kepkanation (motto: “Nothing crazy here… except our leader”), is ranked 68,478, and has the following as part of its description (which I didn’t write): Scientists recently cloned the long-extinct feather-bellied hedgehog, citizens are bleary-eyed after staying up all night with a good book, the nation is experiencing a severe shortage of sporting events, and protests are prohibited from blocking traffic. Crime is totally unknown. Kepkanation’s national animal is the hedgehog, which frolics freely in the nation’s many lush forests, and its currency is the kepka.

Also, I keep misreading a Yahoo! headline. I thought that Marijuana was trying to do something with caramel and cheese for a while, and I couldn’t understand why this was news. Seriously, though, this story includes a fabulous typo (“‘I’m sure that in France, you could sell it in gourmet boutiques in the small towns,’ says Peri, who serves the cheese pan-friend with a pinch of herbs.”) and this even more fabulous quote: “It’s good for the country,” Abeiderrahmane says of Mauritania’s cheese ambitions. “I’m not depriving anyone of anything — except maybe some baby camels a bit of milk.” Who decided to put a two-source story up in the Yahoo! headlines, anyway?

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