Oh, The Plaza

I drove into KC for the book I needed this afternoon. The store was on The Plaza, which is a shopping area in KC that makes D.C.’s Georgetown look pleasantly inclusive and shabby. Seriously, the Plaza is every bit of snobbish shopping culture I’ve ever read about compressed into one elite commerical area. The buildings are gorgeous and elaborately decorated (many are artfully tiled, with red Spanish-style rooves), the stores are expensive and proud of their extravagance (even Eddie Bauer Home has a fountain in a courtyard in front of its doors), and there are definitely doorbells on several of the more exclusive shops. In the middle of all of this, there was a 4-story Barnes and Noble that had two copies of Interesting Women, one of them with my name on it. Oh, how I love the B&N. I think I would choose B&N over Borders for the sole fact that B&N has Starbucks cafes. I found many little trinkety things, like bookmark pens and little logic problem books, that I want for Christmas and would love to find in my stocking instead of the weird stuff I will find (last year’s sparkling body powder and smiley-face bath mat come to mind). I also found a mesh tea infuser for $2.95 and a map of Italy for my dad. This was really a very cheap escape from a bookstore for me.

Somehow over the last few weeks I’ve managed to pull a muscle in my chest, and in the driving or carrying of my over-heavy messenger bag I’ve really aggravated it today. Grrr. This is the same pain I had the last time I saw the doctor at KU, who suggested three Advil a day for the relief of it and some exercises that so far seem to aggravate it more than help it. Bleh.

I’m now going to watch more “Alias” while working on Spanish homework (two book assignments and workbook and lab manual due tomorrow) and then on the dreaded Western Civ paper. Eventually, I’ll also eat more pizza. Mmmm.

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3 Responses to Oh, The Plaza

  1. webcowgirl says:

    The Plaza is so pretty though! Just think what a radical idea it is to have people walking around outside as they shop. They deserve to be proud of what they’ve got going on down there. I seem to recall NOT liking the B&N though – it was just too big to blend into the Plaza.

  2. kepkanation says:

    Oh, I agree – the Plaza is gorgeous, it’s just a bit intimidating for casual shopping. Well, I guess it’s not really intended for casual shopping, so that probably explains it.

  3. starstraf says:

    Dang – you should have called and invited Pooch along for the trip to the Plaza – he loves shopping there

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