Paper #2, AKA “Alias” Ate My Paper

Wow. Today is going to be a weird day. My alarm went off at 7:15 today, and I think I just rolled over and turned it off – I have a vague memory of flicking the switch. I went back to sleep, not even conscious of what I’d done – but apparently it worked on my unconscious, because at 8:20 I sat bolt upright and said, “Oh, God!” then looked at the clock. I managed to shower, dress, feed my fish, scrape some frost from my car windshield, and catch the 8:45 bus at the Lied Center, which put me in class at roughly 5 ’til 9. Luckily, this was just in time to make sure that my workbook was checked and my homework could still be turned in. Whew. For some reason, my Spanish teacher has been extremely nice to me lately, ever since my Spanish buddy withdrew from school and abandoned me. There were four girls in my corner of the classroom at the beginning of the year – now there’s only me, and one other girl very intermittenly.

Anyway, then I rushed off to the computer lab to print off the paper that was due in my 9:30 class. This paper is the reason I slept in this morning, as I stayed up until roughly 3 working on it – not that that was necessary. I could have written it much earlier in the evening, if I hadn’t been caught up in watching the final few episodes of Disc 5 of “Alias.” More on that below. So, the paper was supposed to be a paper comparing two of the authors that we’ve read in class recently. We were also told we could be creative about it. So, at around 1 a.m., creativity sounded like a great idea, particularly considering I hadn’t read the books. I ended up writing something that is titled, I’m not kidding: “Posthumous Conversation Betwen Mssrs. Nietzsche and Marx at the Request of an Author Playing God.” Basically, I needed an easy way to get Marx and Nietzsche to compare their opinions of religion, but in a way that didn’t require much citation of the books – since I don’t own them. We’ll see if this ends up working out. I did get it printed, though, and arrived at class a little late – only to see the entire room empty, save for Instructor Angry. She had cancelled class and was just accepting our papers. Yay. So now I’m home.

About “Alias”: What a distraction! I’ve found that I’m definitely more interested in the personal relationships than in the actual CIA mission things. This disc and disc 4 have greatly increased Jack Bristow in my esteem – in fact, he’s becoming a favorite. Aw, poor Jack! Tricked by his wife! Trying to finally be a decent Dad! How lovely. The line to Devlin about “If she wasn’t my daughter…” was really well done. Also, I might be developing a little Victor Garber thing. Gah.

I made the mistake(?) of consulting TelevisionWithoutPity after viewing the last episode, because Noah’s death and apparent establishment as the Snowman was too much of a cliffhanger for me. I’ve now read synopses through the second or third show of Season 2. The TWOP recapper isn’t the best I’ve seen – she’s funny but a little hard to follow, as she keeps changing her names for people. I am amused by Spy Barbie and Spy Daddy. Tee hee. I also agree on the wonder that is Michael Vartan, and I look forward to actually *seeing* his tattoo in an upcoming episode. The weird thing is, Vaughn isn’t really my favorite character. I need him to prove himself a better agent, maybe – I’ve only watched the one mission with him and Syd in the Vatican, and also his trip to SD-6. I understand he’s more of a desk guy than a field agent, but I’d really like to see some elaborate ass kicking from him. I was starting to dig Noah as a partner for Sydney simply because their ability to kick ass and their ruthless toughness was equal.

I do love TWOP, though, for the snarkiness that hides the love, in lines like this: “I looked for ANYTHING that might not lead me to believe that the continuity team was smoking dope and playing Super Mario Sunshine on the day they shot this scene.”

And happy birthday, Pete Best.

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7 Responses to Paper #2, AKA “Alias” Ate My Paper

  1. simplelyric says:

    Also, I might be developing a little Victor Garber thing.

    Then, among others, you will lovelovelove “Breaking Point,” the third season episode that aired last night, whenever you see it. *g*

    I’ve now read synopses through the second or third show of Season 2.

    ::gasping:: Bad Jenn! No cookies for you! 😉

    The TWOP recapper isn’t the best I’ve seen – she’s funny but a little hard to follow, as she keeps changing her names for people. I am amused by Spy Barbie and Spy Daddy. Tee hee.

    I agree on the following front. The name thing is a problem, and I think she uses the Viggo/drinking bit a little too often. ::shrugs:: Those nicknames are funny, though. And, I think on the one for the season 1 finale episode, Jennifer Garner calls herself Spy Barbie at least once during the audio commentary, which was a hoot. Unlike when she calls Victor Garber “my darling” twice, which just weirded me out.

    I need him to prove himself a better agent, maybe

    Er, that’s not really going to happen. I mean, he doesn’t suck, but — well. I don’t think he ever really shows himself to be as close to Sydney’s caliber as Noah and others do. And what he does at the end of the season 1 finale *still* irks me. (I’ll explain myself more clearly if/when you’ve seen that. I just don’t want to be Spoiler Girl.)

  2. kepkanation says:

    Yeah, I really started off *hating* Spy Daddy and now I have a soft spot for him and all of his gruff, Machiavellian ways. I’m so easy, the writers on this show have me exactly where they want me.

    I’ve read the end of Season 1, so you won’t surprise me – what irked you? I might go out and rent this final disc tonight anyway.

  3. simplelyric says:

    Sydney is supposed to blow up the Rambaldi device, but she believed it would be about hand-sized, and it’s larger than a gymnasium. She tries to tell Vaughn that over their communication devices, but he doesn’t understand her, so he works his way down from where he was keeping watch or whatever. He gets to a hallway near where she is when she comes running like hell around the corner with a giant wave of liquid (from inside the device) splashing menacingly down the hall behind her.

    Now here’s what bugs me. So, she’s running straight at Vaughn and yelling at him to run, himself, and he *stands there*. It’s a fairly long hallway, but only as Sydney runs *all the way past him* does he actually turn and start to run. Now, I get that he had no reason to expect to suddenly be faced with a giant wave of liquid and that it had to be a shock. I get that he also hadn’t done a lot of field work, but he was still a CIA agent and he should damn well have known better — and have been able to think on his feet better.

    It drove me nuts that entire summer that Vaughn ended up trapped inside the liquid because he had just *stood there* and watched it coming for so long (although I don’t imagine the slow-motion effect in that scene helped it seem like his brain was working any faster). Obviously that does still annoy me, albeit thankfully not to quite the same degree; I’m just able to fake it for the sake of this explanation. 😉

  4. kepkanation says:

    The recapper actually made a point of this too; having not seen it, I can only imagine, but yeah, that’s exactly the kind of thing that doesn’t make Vaughn an impressive actual agent to me. Though I of course admire his courage in going from Mr. Desk Job to Mr. I’m-with-Super-Agent.

  5. simplelyric says:

    It annoyed a lot of people. even has an icon mocking that scene.

    Mr. I’m-with-Super-Agent.

    Hee! Now I feel like you should have an icon that says that (with or without the “Mr.”).

  6. kepkanation says:

    I soooo need an “Alias” icon, and that would be the perfect text. Annnd, that icon is FABULOUS, and also the closest I’ve come to *seeing* that scene.

  7. simplelyric says:

    If you’re at all interested, I made some Alias icons for you. I honestly *will not* be offended if none of them happens to be quite to your taste (especially since most of them didn’t come out as well as I’d hoped) and/or you just want to make your own. But you’re welcome to use any or all of these that you want. Since Snapfish always blurs LJ icons when I upload them there and it would have taken forever to get 16 attachments sent through e-mail, I just temporarily uploaded them to the userpics. Anything without keywords is for you.

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