“Vaughn, it’s bigger than I thought.”

So, what were the highlights of Thanksgiving? Quick list: 1). Holding the baby 2). Holding the cat 3). Being there to see Grandma’s face when she was asked how to say “Shut your cake hole” in low German, and then Grandpa in high German 4). Seeing Mini-Grandma (Grandma’s lost at least 50 pounds recently) 5). Laughing with Mom and Maria over SuperPoop(TM) 6). Delivering 65 CDs worth of Harry Potter to my aunt and uncle 7). Finishing Emma 8). Rigging the Christmas drawing at Dad’s so I get who I want and who I want to have me (hee hee hee) 9). The ham and the zwiebach at Grandma’s, in addition to 10). The advent cookies and familiar tea.

So that’s 10 things to love, and we’ll just leave 10 things not to alone. Really, it was a good holiday; I’m not completely sure I could come up with 10 things to be unhappy about.

Also, let’s hear it for pictures of my nephew, my sister and I and the cat, Max. The picture of the cat isn’t the greatest, but it’s more flattering to him than the first one is to me. 😉

I am watching the famous Season One Finale of “Alias” right now. Am I getting close to the run, Vaughn, run scene? I’m not sure, but it feels like it’s just around the corner. In honor of this, I’ll use one of my new icons, courtesy of . 🙂

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4 Responses to “Vaughn, it’s bigger than I thought.”

  1. simplelyric says:

    Sounds like a pretty decent, enjoyable Thanksgiving. Yay.

    I’m going to think of that picture of you and giggle *all the way home* tonight — possibly for the rest of the night in general. }:-D

    Woohoo! for finally getting to see the finale and for using one of the icons. Let me know whenever you’ve saved/updated whichever one(s) you want and I’ll delete them from their temp status in my userpics.

    Hey, did you call my cell phone last night around 8? Dad had me freezing off every part of my body helping him string up Christmas lights outside from 5-9. Then there was Alias-watching, and then I went online in the basement to post my final SN recs at the and didn’t end up going back to my room (and thus seeing the unidentifiable missed call on my phone) until very, very late. So, I’m sorry if I missed your call, and if you didn’t call, it’s just as well. =o)

  2. kepkanation says:

    Glad you like the goofy picture, hee hee. I plan to be the goofy aunt.

    I didn’t call last night, actually – my phone hasn’t been charged yet from the trip, and I haven’t yet found my plug-in charger to remedy this. Sorry!

    By the way, YEAH, that last scene was TOTALLY frustrating. I was ready to take that fire extinguisher to Vaughn’s head for not RUNNING when he saw that flood coming. I know they’re trying to set that up a little with the whole reiteration of “I’m not a field agent” in the earlier (I think) episode, but… c’mon! Flood coming = run like hell! Particularly when Sydney’s yelling at you to go!

    He did look hot in the leather, though.

    Also, I’ve got all of the Alias icons saved now, and I’ve uploaded two of them for immediate use – the one in this post and the one in this comment, but I anticipate rotating the others in from time to time (though if you wanted to share them elsewhere, I don’t mean to hog your brilliance). 😀

  3. simplelyric says:

    Goofy aunts are the best.

    No apologies necessary on the calling front; like I said, it’s better that you didn’t call on Sunday after all anyway.

    Last night I ended up staying at work until 9:30, and tonight I’ll probably hang around until 9 EDT even though I feel pretty yucky, because I got in late and want to rack up some more hours. (The boss’ boss hasn’t called, so I don’t know what’s up with that.) I have my cell with me if you get bored tonight and want to have me try to entertain you, though. }:-)

    I was ready to take that fire extinguisher to Vaughn’s head for not RUNNING when he saw that flood coming.

    Heh! Exactly.

    He did look hot in the leather, though.

    Well, yeah.

    though if you wanted to share them elsewhere, I don’t mean to hog your brilliance

    ::snerk:: My “brilliance” through those icons is all yours. The Vaughn label was of your creation, so by rights anything with that should be used by you (if anyone). Besides, I made all of those for you, and that’s that. =)

  4. starstraf says:

    Love the picture of you and nephew!

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