misery loves the company

Misery, thy name is 5:30 a.m. And then 5:40 a.m, and 6:03 a.m., and every other time that I reset my alarm clock for between 5:30 a.m. and 6:50 a.m., when I finally got out of bed. I had a Geology (Rocks for Jocks) test today, and after falling asleep on my Geology book late last night, I decided my best plan was to get up early and study. This is NEVER a good idea for me, but I tried it anyway. Sigh. So, the test was bad. I wasn’t guessing on all of it, but I’d say a good 60 percent of the test was basically me guessing. Is it still true that C is the most common multiple choice answer? I hope so.

So, now I’m home and a little bit wishing for a nap. No napping, though – once I’m down, I’m down for good, and I need to go to work this afternoon. I have to admit I’m a little tempted not to go, because it’s been about 85 degrees inside so far this week and I know that will put me riiiight to sleep. Also, I have all of the info for the press release I’m supposed to write here at home with me, so I could finish it out here… and my boss has been gone all week… and I’m just whining. Ignore me.

I bought a box of 10 Baja Kitchen Bean & Cheese burritos last night; not sure yet whether that was a better decision than stocking up on Patio burritos or not. Maybe I will watch one more episode of “Alias” before I go to work.

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One Response to misery loves the company

  1. starstraf says:

    Where is the LuLu Review?

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