wasting time

It is a day of sickness and shame, apparently. Why shame? I’m watching E! right now. They’re having some kind of marathon of the 101 Celebrity Oops! moments, and between watching this and The Santa Clause, I’ve chosen this. That’s the problem with E! being one channel up from VH1; it makes the transition from the slightly trashy “I Love the 80s” viewing to the totally trashy “E! Hollywood True Story” that much easier. The weird thing is, there’s more than one celebrity per number. Coming in at #65: Things They Shouldn’t Have Said. This includes Sean Connery’s 1987 comment to Barbara Walters that “slapping a woman around a little is OK” and Arnold’s “Gay marriage should be between a man and a woman.” 64 was something stupid about Salma Hayek calling William Morris and asking for William Morris; 63 is people who forget to thank their spouses at awards shows (Jennifer Aniston, Hillary Swank, John Travolta).

The political compass test is interesting. I’m at almost the same place as Nelson Mandela, so that’s a good deal, I think (Economic Left/Right: -5.12, Libertarian/Authoritarian: -6.92).

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