and now there’s a Quark 6!!!!

I miss Quark. That sounds a little bizarre, maybe, but I really do. Well, let me say, I miss feeling like I’m *good* at using Quark. I really, really enjoyed putting things together on pages – it was like a puzzle, a game. I liked doing layout so much that I used to sketch out pages in my notebooks during class, and I’d stay up late and play with fake pages for hours at the newspaper without realizing the time that had gone by. Anyway, I miss that. I thought I’d get the chance to do some Quark work with my job, but I never get close to it. My computer isn’t equipped for it, and the current layout set-up wouldn’t allow for two workers, either. I considered trying to join the Kansan staff for layout/design, even sent a little trial-balloon e-mail to them at the beginning of the year last year, but (though they responded and seemed fairly open to the idea), I now not only have a little conflict of interest with working for UR, I also don’t think I’d necessarily have/want to give up the time that it would need. Also, I think it would be hard for me to work under someone or several someones, particularly in a publication that I respect so little.

All that said, I am currently downloading the trail version of Quark Xpress 6.0. Whee!

I just read a journalist’s blog entry about how she enjoys the putting together of a story best and despises everything that happens around it – the feeling that there won’t be enough to fill the space, coming up with things to fill and the press of deadline, etc. I think that’s the stuff I miss the most – the parts where you’re rushing around trying make everything fit and it all just speeds by, and it’s tension and madness and it’s still fun. Mmm.

Anyway, anyway. I had a mini *pizza* for dinner and no protest from the stomach! Woo-hoo.

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