I dunno, mate

Well, yay, day 4 down and so far the luck of the year isn’t exactly improving. If anything, I’m learning that 2004 has a definitely evil sense of humor. Really, there’s only one event that truly proves that today – the carbon monoxide detector in the house started beeping at 4 a.m., except it only woke me, and it beeped only sparingly. So, 4 a.m., imagine me trudging over to my mom’s room, waking her, and saying, “There’s something beeping! I heard a beep.” Mom (very groggily): “Let’s listen and see what it is.” “…” Mom: “Did you dream it?” Me: “Oh, maybe.” I go back to my room, settle in, sleep a little, hear the beep again. Decide not to worry. Sleep. Beep beep beep. Finally mom hears it and decides it’s the battery in the smoke alarm dying out. She takes the smoke alarm down from the ceiling and, I can’t explain this exactly except to say she must understand how much I value sleep, she took it out to the car with her when she went to church and left it there. Of course this didn’t really help, because the beeping continued, and I finally figured out it was the carbon m. detector… but see, 2004 is just chuckling evilly at me already. Bastard year.

I did finish About a Boy. It was fabulous. I worship Nick Hornby. After lunch today, we went to the mall, where I bought How to Be Good at the going-out-of-business bookstore (and also Waiting by Ha Jin, because I’m a sucker for the “winner of the national book award” sticker on the front and the $3.98 price tag). So far I like it, but not as much as I liked About a Boy, but that may be a difference in subject matter. I just loved his Marcus soooo much. I’ll have to start my 2004 book list on my Web site soon, but I haven’t finished the 2003 list yet. I plan to plunge into the library at KU almost immediately Tuesday – I go back to Lawrence tomorrow, but I won’t be getting in until late in the evening.

Guido had his charming burial at eventual sea this afternoon on the way to my grandmother’s house. We stopped and climbed down to this little half-river that flows eventually into a river that flows eventually into the Mississippi that flows into the Gulf of Mexico (which is good enough for me), and I poured him out into the water. Happy trails, little guy.

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