to the LIBRARY!

I am debating whether or not to pre-order a copy of the Sims2 game that’s coming out in February (edit: March! when did it get moved to March? Grrr.. I still have a $30 gift certificate to amazon that could happily fill part of the order… hmm…

Yay, they’re showing the Conan from the day after his baby was born – it’s so cute and strange. Really, I’ll watch anything where the main performer hasn’t slept in two days. Hee hee.

2004, so far, has not been spectacular, but I’m thinking tomorrow will look up. I’m going TO THE LIBRARY! They have at least one of my inter-library loan requests in. I’m so excited, and I’m also such a dork. Yay yay. Oh, yes, I’m back in Lawrence, having left Hutch at 4:30 to catch up with my dad in Salina for dinner. I hadn’t been back to a Chili’s since the night before I had to have my gallbladder out, but so far, no bad reaction. Heh heh.

I have nothing else exciting to say. I’m catching up on e-mail and I’ve located the spare battery for my phone, so hopefully both will be closer to fine after tomorrow. My apartment is much, much dirtier than I remembered. It’s verging on unlivable. I’ll have to fix that soon. Perhaps tomorrow, post-library. I listened to one song for the entire 3.5 hour drive home, the same song on repeat, because I just wanted something that wouldn’t distract me from pleasant thinking. Ahh, Moby.

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