so sleepy

First day of school down. I’m exhausted. The alarm clock going off at 7 a.m. this morning was like being hit by lightning — seriously, I thought perhaps I had been hit by lightning until I figured out what happened. Went to all three classes and have the impression that the Spanish class will kick my ass; the other two (Magic, Science, and Religion and Computer Systems blah blah blah) will be pretty easy.

I ate lunch at the Indian restuarant on the way home from school, and lingering over my tofu-pea stuff (I wish I remembered the name; it was scrumptious) I eavesdropped on two women having lunch at the table next to me (this is defensible or two reasons: 1). My brand-new CD player stopped working after one full day of service. Craptastic. which left me at the bus stop with nothing to listen to but my schoolmates, who, I ABSOLUTLEY quote, say things like, “I try to like be a really real person, you know?” so 2). I needed to know that there were smarter people out there). They were both about the age of my grandma – sixties or seventies, I’m a bad judge of these ages. Anyway, one woman was (fairly loudly) holding forth about the terrible state of the country and the horrible things that Bush has done/stands for. She was telling her companion all about the Halliburton scandals and some reports she’d heard on the BBC about the actual tenor of Iraqi reaction to the U.S. Invasion and how she believes this is going to be another Vietnam. She seemed to really like John Kerry and Howard Dean; both women believed that John Edwards “looks so young!” They were fascinating.

I was primed to hear/absorb anything campaign related. I finally read a few artcles (“On TV With His Wife, a Softer, Gentler Dean” by Jodi Wilgoren, “Move to New Hampshire Often Brings New Tone” by David E. Rosenbaum, and “Democrats Vow to Battle Bush on Social Issues“) in the New York Times that have made me start to warm toward Howard Dean. Maybe it’s that my political interest has perked up now that Iowa is done and New Hampshire is looming and everything is so interesting… but I’m really intrigued now. I’ve been watching a lot of CNN for the past few days — this has actually become unusual for me.

That’s it. I’m tired, I cleaned too much today and still live in a pig sty. Good night.

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4 Responses to so sleepy

  1. webcowgirl says:

    It’s mattar paneer, “Cheese and Peas.” The “tofu” is actually home-made cheese. Other iterations include “Saag Paneer,” spinach paneer, and of course every other dish in which you might have meat, although I admit I’ve never seen Paneer Vindaloo.

  2. kepkanation says:

    I’ll bite: What’s Paneer Vindaloo?

  3. webcowgirl says:

    What, you’ve never had vindaloo? It’s a spicy preparation of whatever meat, done with tomatoes and vinager. Sounds to me like you’re only hitting the buffet lines! I prefer Korma, but every now and then a good Vindaloo is a good thing.

  4. kepkanation says:

    I really need some kind of Indian food tutor, I think. Well, first I need to find a good Indian restaurant other than the buffet here in town. 🙂

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