class warfare

Here’s a funny and extremely demonstrative story. Last night, in the midst of all of my to-switch-or-not-to-switch angst, I checked my ARTS form – the KU form that tells you what classes you have left to complete in your major. As I looked through, I noticed that my lab science credit was still showing up as not completed, despite the fact that I finished the Geology 103 class last semester. So I finally bit the bullet and looked at my grades from last semester (which I had yet to do). To my “shock and awe,” I found an F recorded as my Geo103 grade. The last time I’d seen my grade in the class, it had been a low B, and while I had expected it to slip a little, I was positive I hadn’t earned an F. So I e-mailed the supervisor of the course to ask what had happened and to see whether I could review my scores from last semester to figure out why there was this sudden slide.

She e-mailed back today. Apparently, I attended the wrong section of the class for the entire semester. There was an identical section meeting next door that was supposed to be mine; when I never attended any of the classes, the instructor over there failed me. Luckily, the instructor whose class I did attend (albeit periodically) and the supervisor were able to do a “change of class” card thing today, so now my new (passing) grade has been recorded.

I can’t believe I went to the wrong class for the entire semester. How did this happen? I’m pretty clear on how I never noticed – one Geology class being the same as the next Geology class to me – but wouldn’t you think the TA of the section I did attend would see that I never showed up his class roster? Curious. I’m not saying it was his fault – clearly, I am dumber than I look (heh) and should not be trusted to freely roam the campus.

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3 Responses to class warfare

  1. casapazzo says:



    ::pets you::

  2. gotmce99 says:


    I’m really glad it all turned out alright, so that I can be guilt-free in my laughter. Jenn, that is SO FUNNY!!


  3. simplelyric says:

    That’s funny and so bizarre! I’m glad the problem was remedied fairly easily.

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