me gusta el Stewart.

Can we all join together in enjoying the weirdness of Rod Stewart singing “Don’t Get Around Much Anymore”? Because yeah, I’m feeling a little weird just watching it. Also, I feel like he’s messing up the song, which is one I love. Gah. Don’t mess with Ellington.

I think I’m completely decided on reducing to slower Spanish instead of speed Spanish. Might as well make the effort to learn the language, right? Right. Now I just have to see whether I can get into the Tuesday/Thursday afternoon class this semester, or whether my adventures in Spanish will have to wait until next summer or semester.

Jon Stewart had an interview with Howard Dean this evening that was pretty amusing, but not as amusing as the media criticism Stewart did earlier in the show, or the criticism from last Thursday night’s show. That was really, really the BEST, the BEST. I don’t think I’ve enjoyed anything quite as much as watching Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart talk about the fact that networks could predict anything, get it completely wrong, and still be out there to do it all again for the next state. Fabulous. I love The Daily Show, have I mentioned that? It’s getting a lot of attention right now – Stephen Colbert was on “The Reliable Source” with Howard Kurtz Sunday and was interviewed by, hmm, I think Miles O’Brien earlier in the day. It’s become part of the humor, I think, that legitimate news sources are reporting on the activities of the fake news show. Hee hee.

My mother loved the story of my wrong-class attendance. I’m glad it all worked out and can now be a funny story, instead of a ridiculous tragedy.

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