To Switch or Not to Switch, en espanol

When did this happen? I am suddenly stressed out (or I’m experiencing residual stress from the Weekend of Family Fun). My eyelid is even twitching – a little nervous dance that’s driving me bonkers. I’m currently trying to do my Spanish homework, and I’m incredibly frustrated. FRUSTRATED on homework from the FIRST DAY. This does not bode well. Some of it is that I can’t seem to remember anything I learned last semester, and some of it is that, if I’m staying for an extra year, there’s not as much reason for me to take super-psycho-speed Spanish instead of regular-paced Spanish (which, might I add, meets at alllll times of the day). Instead, I could take something more entertaining this semester – like the Intro to Fiction class that I somehow need to figure out a way to fit in either this semester or over the summer. *yargh*

I always do class switches at the beginning of the year, and I’m usually happier for them. I just can’t figure out if this is a good move or not. Actually, I just thought of another point in favor of switching to a slower Spanish class for the semester – I’m in a 6 credit hour class. If I took a 3 hour class this semester, I could add a 3 hour English class and not pay anything extra. Ooooo. I would be delaying finishing Spanish until next fall, though, which might be a little sucky… unless it could be finished over the summer…

Whatever. I need to figure this out. I was all happy this evening because of the Golden Globes and other little happenings, and now I’m cranky and bummed out and frustrated and barely fluent in English, much less Spanish. Grr.

The only thing that’s amusing me at this moment is that I have my iTunes on random shuffle, so I’m getting combinations like Harry Connick, Jr. followed by a single track of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix followed by Alanis.

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2 Responses to To Switch or Not to Switch, en espanol

  1. starstraf says:

    slower paced and you would be more likely to make it more often? I say switch. and that “forces” you to stay longer and to the creative writing thing

  2. simplelyric says:

    Hmm. I’m guessing this response is a little late, but I’d vote to switch the Spanish class, add a 3-hour English class as you mentioned, and aim to take Spanish over the summer. At that point there should be more accessible options for class times, I would think, and you’d be waiting a shorter time in between classes, thus keeping the language slightly fresher in your mind than if you postponed it to the next school year. ::shrugs:: (There’s some other reason I was going to use as promotion for the summer version, but I can’t remember it anymore.)

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