Lieberman (R-Conn.)

I’m having technical difficulties. Argh. Half of the Web sites I’m trying to see (including my friends list, for a while) are coming up as ad sites. I think this is the work of the new version of Kazaa, but I’m not positive. It NEEDS TO STOP, that’s mostly what I know.

NOW! How about New Hampshire! There’s Joe Lieberman, who’s smoking some kind of crazycrack and thinks that he’s in third place. There’s Howard Dean, whose “yay for second place!” speech was so toned down that CNN turned away from him… to go to an interview with Mr. Kerry, who said, in his horrible, dry accent, “As they say in the South, ‘That dog don’t hunt.'” Oh, god, someone STOP that man sometimes. I feel some of the pain for/from him that I did with Al Gore. He really does sound “presidential” here, though. Senator Kerry, I’m sorry. I wavered in the dark days of December when my dear Chris Lehane left your camp and all seemed lost, but I’m back, now. I hope you come to stump in Missouri next week so I can see you (and Dr. Dean) in person.

Oddly, being the underdog has made Dean more attractive to me. The underdogness has not had an effect on my desire to see Joe Lieberman just quit, quit, quit. GET OUT! Stop your poisonous Republican-in-Democrat clothing arguments. Blargh. My problem with Joe Lieberman’s “I’m the only mainstream Democrat” argument is that he’s NOT a Democrat. He’s not! I swear it! I understand and often support the whole run-to-the-middle strategy that consumes the general election, but the idea that Lieberman is mainstream is simply giving in to the major ideas of the Republican party as the standards for mainstream America. Just, grrrrr. A Lieberman-Bush race would be like a nationwide Republican primary. If he were a Republican, I’d like him more; at least I’d feel he was honest. Who fucking runs to the right in a Democratic primary?

All right, I know the answer to that. The big reason that everyone in New Hampshire was giving for their choice of candidate was that they wanted “anyone but Bush,” and I can see where becoming the conservative choice would give you credibility in that race. Still, it’s just sickening to make the argument that this is “a fight for the soul of the Democratic party” when the party, I think, should be moving away from defining ourselves by the popularity of the Republicans (circa de 1994).

Anyway. Yay John Kerry, yay Howard Dean, I wish everyone else would leave so this could be a very interesting two-man Battle Royale.

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5 Responses to Lieberman (R-Conn.)

  1. ellenneithernor says:

    Yeah, it looks like the Clue Phone is ringing for Mr. Lieberman. Edwards and Clark — well, they’re all right, but I think they’d be better running mates.

  2. drenilop says:

    LOL… yeah… *this* is the Jenn I remember. 😛

  3. shadowdaddy says:

    the point was made at least once on NPR today that Gary Hart also won Iowa and NH, only to implode later (the scantily-clad woman on the boat didn’t help)…which has led me to agree that ain’t nobody won nothin’ yet. Yes, please, Mr. Lieberman, do whatever you need to ensure I never have to listen to you speak again, but I’d say that any of the Dean/Edwards/Clark crew still holds at least even odds of taking the reins at some point in the next couple weeks.

    Next Tuesday is going to be mighty interesting…

  4. therealjae says:

    I was … bored. Yes, me, bored. The outcome was boring, the waiting for the speeches was boring, and then the speeches themselves were REALLY boring (even Edwards, who’s usually great). Dean’s was slightly better, but they waited way too long to put him on.

    I’d love to see a real two-man Battle Royale, but I don’t think it’s going to happen anymore. Kerry’s it.

    Amen about Lieberman, though. I usually feel bad for anybody who loses (it’s not rational; it’s just how I am), but he’s overstayed his welcome even for me.


  5. starstraf says:

    You may have a ride-along program (Spyware)
    try one of these

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