Details at 11

Muchas gracias to for the heads-up on Stephen Colbert’s 3 p.m. Live Online discussion on Not only did it give me something good to read while cutting up newspapers at work, it led to this:

Lawrence, Kan.: It’s been reported that Jon Stewart’s contract with Comedy Central will expire after the 2004 elections; would you consider (or would you like to) take over the show if he leaves?
Stephen Colbert: Yes, what have you heard? Is he leaving?

OK, it’s not exactly the perfect question (or answer), but it’s me! One of my questions made it online! I sent another one after this one, and it was better – more serious – but didn’t make “the cut,” I guess. Woo-hoo!

I loved many parts of the discussion, but my favorite line was this:

Dallas, Tex.: Why is it the Daily Show takes an overwhelmingly liberal stance when it comes to the elections and Democratic candidates? Shouldn’t the Daily Show be a little more unbiased? The Daily Show can still be funny yet fair at the same time.
Stephen Colbert: First, we are not news. We are under no compunction to be fair or balanced or any other thing other than funny. Second, satire always attacks the status quo. The status quo is presently a Republican executive, legislative and judicial branch. There’s hardly a liberal target left. Third, we throw hay makers at the Democratic candidates across the board. Fourth, I hope Bush loses.

Me, too, Stephen. I hope he loses, too. Two runner-up quotes:

Falls Church, Va.: Stephen, What’s up with those Mr. Goodwrench commercials? They’re horrible and you’ve lost all your street cred.
Stephen Colbert: Luckily I don’t spend much time on the streets so I won’t be missing my cred but what’s up about them is my children’s college education. You got a couple a million you could lend me?


Potomac, Md.: Why the silent T in Colbert? Are you French?
Stephen Colbert: I am again now though shortly before and during the recent Iraq War I pronounced the T and was Irish.

Other fine features of today… more leftover prime-rib fried rice and pizza for dinner. Mmm. Tomorrow, though, I’ll be attempting pork medallions in a raspberry sauce. It’s a recipe from the paper; eventually I will learn not to trust them, but I’m still hopeful.

Continuing in the broken-stuff trend, I loaded up the new/old MP3 player and took it out today, only to find that it somehow never completely cleared the old songs. So I’d get 40 seconds into a song — For instance, a Joni Mitchell song — and then all of the sudden, a Coldplay song would start up instead. Grrr. Eric Clapton changes to Fiona Apple. Etc. An afternoon of jarring musical experience, to say the least.

I wasted my entire evening playing RollerCoaster Tycoon and transcribing. The good news is: I did *win* my RCT scenario. The bad news: I found my RCT disc and now will be useless for all other occupations for weeks.

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4 Responses to Details at 11

  1. gotmce99 says:

    I’m really glad you managed to catch it! If anyone takes over the Daily Show, I hope it’s Stephen Colbert (hard t).

    Check out It’s the first page I did for the internship and I’m very proud of it, even though I’ve already seen a couple problems or things I’d change if I had the chance to do it again. I totally forgot how much I love lay out – it’s like my totally non-visual brain shuts down and my slightly o/c brain takes over…tons of fun.


  2. kepkanation says:

    Ooo, your page is lovely and very impressive. And I agree – there’s an almost zen-like state that doing layout seems to impose, where it’s both less thinking and more all at the same time. mmm, layout.

  3. simplelyric says:

    ::cracks up:: Thanks for sharing those quotes, and yay! for getting one of your questions answered.

  4. kepkanation says:

    and yay! for getting one of your questions answered.

    Yeah, it made my day!

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