for the good and bad of the order

Two things for the good of the order: Click here for a printable 10 percent off coupon that you can use at Borders until Feb. 4 or 14 or something.

Here: The craziest awards out there, including the Moist Towelette Awards and the Skinema awards, which includes this info: “It’s something I started a few years ago,” he explains, “as a tongue-in-cheek method of showing people the way skin conditions are used in movies, and to remind people that celebrities like Cameron Diaz–even though we tend to think of them as physically perfect–actually have skin like the rest of us. Truth is, that image of Cameron Diaz is not reality. It’s an airbrushed fantasy. Cameron Diaz actually has very severe adult acne.” Huh. Who knew?

What to do with my evening…

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