cabin FEVER

Well, happy groundhog’s day to all. Let me account for a day spent entirely indoors, thanks to the snow.

In lieu of watching the Super Bowl (or its commercials or halftime), I have finally seen all of The Godfather Part II. I loved it, I hated it, I might have to watch it again. What I need to do is sit in a dark living room and just watch all three all the way through. If I could find someone to fetch me Pepsis and lasagna throughout the watching, it’d be the perfect plan. I did enjoy it over a bowl of spaghetti carbonara, but I added too many onions, so it just wasn’t the same. Also today: I made crepes, and the best hot chocolate EVER. And I watched Notting Hill on TV, and then the episode of “South Park” where Cartman tricks Butters into believing the earth has been hit by a meteor and taken over by cannibals so he can take his place on the trip to Casa Bonita. I also won two scenarios in Roller Coaster Tycoon.

I’m also wondering: Why haven’t I gone back to see Return of the King since December? By this time last year, I’d seen Two Towers roughly one billion times. I need to fix this problem. Soon.


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2 Responses to cabin FEVER

  1. casapazzo says:

    We used to have Godfather nights – someone different would host each time, cook lasagna or some other pasta (I made a Sicillian sauce one time – had fennel and sausage, mmm), and everyone else would bring lots of chianti and cannoli. Good times.

    I haven’t gone to see RotK as much as I thought I would either – I’ve seen it three times, but that’s about as many as I saw TTT, and I like RotK much more.

    I wish it would snow enough to get off work – we don’t close unless the Fed. does, and they almost never do. It’s supposed to snow tonight. ::crosses fingers::

  2. kepkanation says:

    I wish it would snow enough to get off work – we don’t close unless the Fed. does, and they almost never do

    We don’t close unless God Himself is breaking out the space heater, I swear. I worship the wimpiness of D.C. in snow (as far as I remember it).

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