snow day with orson!

Woo-hoo, they let us out of school early! Good news, good deal, etc., except I had a meeting I *really* wanted to go to today at 1:30 – the exact time at which school was cancelled. Anyway, on the treacherous way home, I went to Office Depot and picked up a USB connector cord for Orson, along with a box of soft Ticonderoga pencils, purple pens, one of those swirly-guaranteed-to-last-for-five-years lightbulbs for the hallway, and a Pepsi.

Came home, hooked up Orson. The only problem we’ve had so far is that apparently whenever I print, it’s going to make the lights flicker. A lot. Orson is apparently a big power drain; I may have to move him to his own outlet to see if that works better. Oh, second slight problem: the toner he shipped with is only good for 1/3 of the usual printing of a normal toner cartridge (1,000 pages instead of 3,000). A little frustrating. More frustrating: the two hours that I spent fighting with iTunes over the reorganization of my music folders.

My car is probably stuck in the parking lot; at least it was as of arriving home at 2. It’s pretty snowy out there. Mom is supposed to come up tomorrow, but she may delay due to weather.

Things to get done this weekend:
1). Return digital cable box (while I’m thinking of it)
2). Get new tire for car
3). Return English Lit book

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