I’ve come full-circle musically

This is one of the roughest set of headlines I’ve ever seen on Yahoo!:

• John Kerry victorious in Maine caucuses
• Beyonce wins record-tying five Grammys
• Bush says invasion of Iraq was necessary
• 2,000 protest gay marriage in Boston rally

• NASA Mars rover probes bedrock for water
• Conan O’Brien takes show to Toronto

Those I find most appalling are in bold. If I were to pick up a newspaper with those headlines, I might be convinced that the world as I know it is over. Of course, then I’d read on and be reassured that Conan isn’t moving his show to Toronto, he’s just wandering over there for a week, and feel a little better. That’s not a statement against Canada – I just might start weeping if Conan finally gave up on the U.S. and crossed the border.

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One Response to I’ve come full-circle musically

  1. therealjae says:

    How about “Kerry fingers Bush on drugs”?

    (Yes, it was real.)


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