5 star daily show, brownies and blah

I’m dorking out. I added the XML feed from slashdot to my friendslist and now I’m getting sucked into things like Is Newtonian Gravitation wrong and useless (under the What If Dark Matter Really Doesn’t Exist? strand). “Theories can never be proved. We will never fully understand the universe. We may develop theories that accurately predict every phenomenon, then the next day, something new could come along and show us we were wrong.”

That last line is exactly how I feel about scheduling. Heh.

Other than that, I’ve had a lot of interesting reading this evening, in between the hamburger helper and the brownies. I voted for my favorite Howard Dean commercial to air in Wisconsion (if you happen to vote, let me know who you choose); I read more articles about the ascension of Conan O’Brien; I did a word search puzzle while the brownies baked.

I also watched “The Daily Show.” I think I need to develop some kind of Daily Show rating system, perhaps a 5-star system with extra points for entertainment or political themes — my favorite shows are inevitably the shows in which the focus is mostly on political events and/or criticism of the current campaigns (Indecision ’04). Tonight, I’d give it a Political 5 – the commentary on Bush’s “Meet the Press” appearance was great, and the guest (from the Center for Public Integrity) was serious, which was the perfect foil for Jon Stewart to work his cynical magic. We need more Bastilles, indeed!

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