Tired, tired. Briefly:

  • Read the first three chapters of The Professor and the Madman, and it was pretty interesting. Might have to pick it up from the library soon.
  • I finally saw The Cooler! It was very good; Alec Baldwin *was* great, though William H. Macy was even more fabulous. And it had the guy from Office Space, woo-hoo!
  • Larry King is kind of a moron, isn’t he? Yes, I think so.
  • I didn’t think there’d ever be a phrase that was as annoying as “soccer moms,” but then I heard “NASCAR Dads” tossed around far too many times on TV today. Urgh.
  • Did enjoy tonight’s “Alias,” the first one I’ve seen in a while. We have to wait 3 weeks for more, though? I *hate* the end of sweeps.
  • The couples eloping to San Fran for Valentine’s Day are very cute on CNN.
  • I have a lab on The Internet tomorrow for class (the second lab on the Internet), so maybe I’ll catch up on LJ reading and commenting then.
  • Turns out the “burning plastic” smell mentioned earlier was actually a tea bag. I can’t explain that, but… it’s true.
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2 Responses to snoore

  1. starstraf says:

    I heard the phrase “NASCAR Dads” this morning on the radio but can’t parse it. Are they NASCAR drivers that are dads and there is some promo going around with them? Is it Dad’s that watch Nascar? Is it dad’s of Nascar drivers? is it dad’s of nascar fans?

  2. kepkanation says:

    It’s apparently the counterpart to “soccer moms” in that they’re considered to be a bloc of voters. CNN described them – or had an analyst describe them – as “blue collar,” middle-aged, white, socially-conservative men, many of whom watch NASCAR. They apparently supported Bush in 2000 but could conceivably swing (though I don’t see how) in 2004. I don’t know, but it sounds like a group I’ve been used to referring to as “my worst political nightmare.”

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