Debate dread abated (slightly)

Today’s lesson: Good things might come to those who wait, but the park & ride bus does not.

Some of the debate group awfulness abated today with the actual class meeting. Turns out my group members were not the only confused people in the class, so the instructor has moved the research due date and first debate back by a class meeting. Yay. I had a moment of panic when she said we should break into pairs that we’ll be staying in the rest of the semester for our debates. The single most annoying guy from my group (who turned to me, at one point, and said, “Don’t you think group work is so much better than working alone, like, always?” leaving me to stare at him, totally dumbfounded, until he was distracted by something else) had decided to sit next to me and talk to me throughout class, and I was suddenly certain he was going to whirl around as soon as she stopped talking and say, “Let’s be partners!” Instead, before the professor was finished, the girl on the other side of Mr. Annoying whirled around and said, “Jenn, you want to pair up?” She’s the one person in my group I could stand, so I was very happy for that invitation.

Other than that, went to an exciting Summer in Florence meeting. Did I mention I might be spending the summer in Florence, Italy? It’s starting to look more and more like a possibility, but it’s only about 50 percent certain right now. So many things it still all depends on…

Other than that, today was unexiciting (aside from Wisconsin, which I have a jumble of thoughts, all mixed up with things I read and underlined in the New York Times today). Class, class, work, class, meeting, library, home. Why another “Daily Show” re-run? I’m looking forward to seeing Conan’s “apology” tonight. Hee hee.

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2 Responses to Debate dread abated (slightly)

  1. casapazzo says:

    Ha. The girl was probably equally worried that Mr. Annoying would ask her to partner.

    I’m not too sad about the Daily Show re-runs, since it’s been making me actually go to bed, or go read a book, instead of stay up hooked on the TV.

  2. drenilop says:

    Oooooooh, Florence….. Florence is lovely…. Spent a couple of really nice days there on spring break 4 yrs ago when I studied in Brussels. ….. If you go remind me to check my stuff for the card from the OOOOOOOOHH YUMMY gelato place. 🙂

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