I am getting more annoyed with John Edwards.

Itty bitty issue wrap up.

I learned an interesting AP lesson from the New York Times yesterday; I didn’t remember (or never learned) that, in AP style, acronyms of five letters or more in length that are pronounced as they’re spelled only have the first letter capitalized. The instance in the Times (from “Altering Course, Edwards Attacks Kerry and Dean on Trade Issue“) that made me look this up: Nafta. As in “My name is John Edwards and it’s very easy for me to say I didn’t support Nafta because I wasn’t in the Senate when Nafta was up for a vote.” Etc. This quote is particularly obnoxious to me: “I’m against Nafta, I was against Nafta. Governor Dean and Senator Kerry were for it.” Hm, I kind of remember something about Governors not having a vote in the Senate or the House, but… maybe that’s just me. Also, 11 years after the fact, it’s not hard to say “Nafta has a few problems.” I mean, really, brilliant strategy, but shut up, man.

Though, pleeeeease, please Senator Edwards, keep talking about it in any future two-man debates (or two-and-a-half man debates, if 1/4 candidates Kucinich and Sharpton show; hey, that’s almost a CBS sitcom). Get me someone on the Kerry campaign, because I’m thinking the next time Edwards says, “I was against Nafta,” Kerry can say, “You were against it… hmm… yes, I admire the leadership you showed in casting a thoughtful vote against that in your high school Young Democrats Club. Let’s see, around the time of Nafta, you weren’t in Congress yet, were you? Yeah, that’s what I was thinking. Now, in my experience…” and on and on. Of course that line’s only going to work for me, since I’m the only one out here who still thinks that experience is a plus, but hey. Go ahead, John Kerry, fight for my vote. I think it’s cute.

Favorite Kerry line from yesterday’s Times (which means it’s a quote from Monday) comes from “Kerry Promises Effort to Halt Flow of Jobs Out of the U.S.“: “I want you to grill me,” he said. “If there’s anybody undecided here, I don’t want you leaving here undecided. So ask me what you need to check my heart, my gut.” When was the last time we had a democrat volunteering for a heart-and-gut check? I love Al Gore, but… I think it might have been Jimmy Carter.

NARAL has a little “Sex and the City” takeoff video called “Love and the Village” that’s kind of interesting. There’s a link after watching the video allowing sign ups for the Freedom of Choice Act Petition.

And… eh. In general, I am still annoyed enough by John Edwards not to be excited over his continuation of the campaign. I’m a little sad about Howard Dean having to quit, just because I think it must be so crushing for him and his many hopeful supporters. It seems like he got a national movement established but never a local movement in the primary states, and so while he may have been the most popular Dem in the nation, he still lost. No wonder Al supports him. I live in dread that Howard will somehow make a move toward Edwards before the nominee is officially decided, thus wholly splitting the party, but that’s just rambliness. I should read more about his withdraw before I wonder more (aloud, in writing, etc.) about that.

Oh, and real “Sex & the City” fans, take heart. They’re (probably) making a movie, according to Daily Variety — non-subscription recap here.

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One Response to I am getting more annoyed with John Edwards.

  1. therealjae says:

    Word. As in “every last.”

    Edwards is slippery. He speaks very well, but half the time he’s not actually *saying* anything. And when he *does* make a point, it’s usually one I disagree with. I vastly prefer Kerry over Edwards.


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