Weird, weird day. Not so much in its details, but in the fact that I realized I’ve had maybe 16 oz of water in the last 3-4 days, and I think it’s starting to mess me up a little (I’ve had tons of Coke and Pepsi and even some iced tea and milk, but I’m told none of that counts). I didn’t realize exactly how caffeinated I’ve become until I went to Kelly’s house in KC and, whoa, I just felt strung out. I was stuttery and jittery and, yeah, wacked out. Also not helping: didn’t eat enough today, thanks to a bad hot dog experience.

The real news of today, though, was my meeting with Dr. Valk. Valk was the professor (instructor? lecturer?) I had last semester in English who I loved so well. We went over my paper again (preparing it for submission for a department contest – due next Friday, yay), and then he asked about my major. I explained that I was staying to finish an English degree, and he was very excited – and said I should consider the honors in English program, and then offered to be my honors thesis advisor. Auuuuuughh. It’s not that the honors designation is that important to me – I dropped out of the Honors program at AU because it ended up seeming like an empty honor to me (and because I couldn’t seem to enjoy any of the upper level honors classes and had two ugly little fights with my honors advisor). The idea, though, of working with Valk for a semester or more on this project really appeals to me. I think I’d enjoy it, and I also think I’d learn a lot from it. His comments on this paper have been really thoughtful and interesting; mostly things that I wouldn’t have thought of myself but that I instantly think, Oh, wow, that is better when he adds them.

The problem with all of this is that I’d probably need to be better caught up on my English courses to gain entry into the program for the fall. This would seem to imply that taking classes over the summer would be a good course of action; however, that’s going to be impossible if I go to Italy. I’m going to e-mail the undergraduate studies coordinator tomorrow and ask for some clarification on this…

OK, it’s time to try and sleep. Hitting the caffeine crash, I guess. I’m off to dad’s tomorrow.

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4 Responses to crash

  1. therealjae says:

    I think you need to spend some real time in a foreign country more than you need an honours designation. Fun as the thesis-writing could be.


  2. phillyexpat says:

    I did the honors in English program at AU and agree that it wasn’t a big deal. I really enjoyed writing my thesis though, and some of the colloquia I took were extremely interesting. Didn’t have much to do with my major though-all I did was write a couple extra papers. I definitely didn’t live on the floor either.

    I couldn’t go abroad for economic reasons, but I would have loved to have had the chance.

  3. kepkanation says:

    It’s not *really* unsolicited – I don’t think I’d type it out if I didn’t want a little advice, and yours is always most welcome.

    I think you need to spend some real time in a foreign country more than you need an honours designation

    That I absolutely agree with. I think I may be able to do both, right now – there are further degrees of the study abroad to consider, i.e., I could go abroad for the first month of the summer and then come back and take the english class I need to catch up… or I could go for the full two months and then make Italian my language of study for the rest of the year… Everything at the moment feels a little complex, but it has to be settled in the next week. Eeek!

  4. kepkanation says:

    I couldn’t go abroad for economic reasons, but I would have loved to have had the chance.

    Yeah, it has so far been my biggest regret that I was unable to go when I was at AU and it felt like *everyone* I knew was off to somewhere. This, really, is the beauty of a state school – end of semester and there’s still a little money left to borrow, woo-hoo! I do understand the danger of getting excited about a loan, but… woo-hoo! loans!

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