more on the VP “race”

Since I’ve been postulating on this whole VP issue in a dramatic takeover of ‘s journal, I’ll start doing some tracking here. Food for thought: “Sebelius says vice presidential rumblings interesting, but she’s not interested” from the Kansas City Star. Kathleen Sebelius is, of course, my Democrat governor (interesting Kansas side note: we *have* had a Democrat governor before, and she, too, was a woman). I don’t think there’s much credibility to the idea of Sebelius as a legit. candidate, but three things are interesting in this to me. 1). She is originally from Ohio, the daughter of a governor from there, so that would act as something valuable to the Kerry campaign; 2). She was our insurance commissioner before becoming governor, something that could (I think) be played to the advantage on issues of tax and health care; and 3). She issues one of the better non-denial denials I’ve seen recently. Also, the original rumor came from the Des Moines Register, so she’s being discussed at some level (though not necessarily within the Kerry camp — I hear they have a nomination to win before they talk about all of this).

Why she won’t be picked:
1). She’s in her first term.
2). She has no significant foreign policy experience that would suggest her as a good candidate for the presidency.
3). Ohio roots aside, there’s no way Kerry carries Kansas unless he adds Bob Dole to the ticket and changes his name to “Dwight D. Eisenhower.”

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4 Responses to more on the VP “race”

  1. therealjae says:

    I honestly don’t think any governor is likely to be chosen as a running-mate, but maybe I’m wrong.

    A woman VP candidate would certainly be an interesting twist to the ticket (either likely one, that is)!


  2. kepkanation says:

    Yeah, I can’t see a governor on the Kerry ticket mostly because he said he’s looking for someone with enough foreign policy experience to take over for him during a war. Oddly, I’d never given the morbid nature of the VP choice much thought until this year — it always seemed more strategic than anything.

  3. webcowgirl says:

    That was a bubbly soda out the nose moment there. Got me good, girlie!

  4. kepkanation says:

    It’s so true, though – Kansans will vote for anything involving Bob Dole. I’ll bet sales of Pepsi went up like ten-fold when he did their commercial.

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