half-empty, indeed.

I am thirsty and cranky*. I have a book that’s overdue at the library and now costing me $1 a day to keep, and yet I still didn’t return it this evening. The milk I bought about 4 hours ago tastes very weird, and I can’t figure out if it’s the milk or if it’s me. I am thinking about going out just to get water, because my water has always tasted icky, but that seems ridiculous.

Grouch, grouch, grouch. I am hating Excel. I’ve never had need for VLOOKUP functions before, and I don’t know that I will again. I have GIRL SCOUT COOKIES and NO GOOD MILK. I am procrastinating editing my English paper. I have just found out my financial aid application may be late. I wish I hadn’t said I’d go in to work tomorrow.

I missed the Dem debate tonight, despite vague intentions to watch it. “C.S.I.” was all right, and I only half-followed “Without a Trace.” Jon Stewart was amusing but I missed a lot of it because my mom called. It’s too warm up here and too cold downstairs. I want to go to sleep.

*not at all kidding about the crankiness; can you tell?

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