morte djennifer

I am writing a paper on the social order implied by the brief chapters of Morte Darthur that we had to read for my BritLit class. So far, not my best work, not my worst. I hope to finish in the next forty minutes and sink into my bed. I think it’s odd that my bed never looks as comfortable as it does when I’m working on homework.

Started a new (to me, maybe) John Grisham book today (The Partner — I feel I’ve read it before, but I’m not sure). That was a mistake. Also had another group meeting from hell with people in my debate class. For a while, things were OK – now we’re back to terrible, and they want to meet again both tomorrow night and Wednesday. Between this group stress and my haircut (good-bye, 5.5 inches of hair!), I will soon be completely bald. Watch out.

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