don’t make me a meatloaf!!!

I have a little Aerosmith weakness. Not a big one – I’ve only been tempted to go to a concert once, and I managed to let the opportunity pass – but sometimes, it creeps up on me out of nowhere. The problem with this is that Aerosmith is one of a few bands that makes me a truly careless driver. Watch out, Lawrence, I’ve got “Sweet Emotion” in my CD player and I know how to use it!

I’ve also got a knack for finding bad jokes. TV, radio, books, magazines, I’m the champ. An example:

“…if I’m going to make you a meatloaf, I have to know what’s in it.”
“Please don’t make me a meatloaf,” he said under his breath, “I don’t wanna be a meatloaf.”

And now some sad horoscope news. I am doomed to failure, apparently:

Virgos have little or no hope of ever actually discovering the Holy Grail, and even if they did, you can be sure they would find a chip on it.

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