Paul! Michael! Glaser! (and! his! shoes!)

This is getting out of hand. It started off like any other little curiosity, with a stupid movie and then some stupid DVDs, and now I have a crush on Paul Michael Glaser — well, at least when he was Starsky. How did that happen? It’s the voice, the cute little “accent” he’s got. And the blue shoes. And the car! I can’t help it, I love the Torino. I kind of want one. Do you know who’s to blame, here? AARON SPELLING. He was the producer, and I apparently fall for everything he’s involved with. It’s the only way I can explain my interest in “Charmed” a while back.

I’m having a seventies renaissance, but wow. How did they fit into those pants? Better question, how did they run in those pants?

I’ve maybe been spending too much time with my decoupage glue. Tonight I made a neat little picture frame. Tomorrow I might make another while waiting for my sister to decide it’s time to leave for home for Easter.

I kind of want these shoes. Now that I’m thinking more seriously about Italy, I’m thinking about “upgrading” my warddrobe. Also, my old shoes are starting to get worn through – the padding is gone from the back of the heel, and it’s starting to leave marks. Time for new shoes! And I can’t find my Birks. Waah.

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3 Responses to Paul! Michael! Glaser! (and! his! shoes!)

  1. casapazzo says:

    how did they run in those pants?

    Once you break them in really well so they contour to your body, they don’t hamper your stride any more. Well, at least no more than any other pair of pants.

    re: Italy – when/where are you thinking of going?

    PS – I’m a schmuck and lost your address – and your CD is sitting here waiting for you! Would you mind emailing it to me again? ::sheepish::

  2. kepkanation says:

    re: Italy – Florence! I’m very excited, I think almost everything will be finalized this week.

    re: CD. This weekend, my sister brought along some mail she’d picked up from me earlier in the week, and part of the parcel was a CD from you — apparently it arrived promptly last week, but has been hanging out with Maria ever since! Thank you sooo much, it’s awesome! We enjoyed it on the drive home. Is there something else you wanted to send, or were you worried this one hadn’t come through? Because it has arrived and been much loved. You rock!

  3. casapazzo says:

    Oh good, I’m glad that got there – and even more so that you liked it. 🙂

    I actually have a second one for you, though – slightly less random than the first one, but I think it’s a little more cohesive.

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