Advil to the rescue

The unfortunate news is: The toothache is back with a vengeance. The good (fortunate) news is that I stocked up on Advil yesterday, and it seems to work much better against the pain than Tylenol did. So, we’re managing, but, sigh, one more day of this and it’s off to the dentist, I know. Grrr.

I made this really not-very-good lasanga last night. Thing is, I should have known from the recipe that it wouldn’t be any good, but I did it anyway. Damn Linda McCartney. So what I should do for lunch is eat it, since I’ve got a whole big pan of it just sitting in the fridge. What I will do instead, probably, is go get something from out, and eat and enjoy my fabulous book, then go to work, and enjoy the three or so hours that Advil can hold the pain off. Then I will take more Advil. Ah, glory be.

Tonight: I need to write a paper for my political science class. In other words: expect much procrastinating/posting.

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